Write a jingle contests

Can you sum up a product in a sentence? Think of something funny — and not another joke about too many candles — to put on a birthday card? Make a point in few concise words? If so, you might be able to make money writing slogans.

Write a jingle contests

Pop Holiday Mouse Materials: Instructions are written for knitting flat with straight needles.

write a jingle contests

To knit the toy in the round on dpns, knit all odd rows, rather than purling them except for bobbles. Please note that you may need to shuffle sts between needles occasionally, in order to work the increases and decreases. Remember to attach safety eyes and stuff head before working Row Cast on 7 sts with MC.

Sew up back seam, leaving bound-off edge open.

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Head Start at back. Cast on 6 sts with MC. Sew seam, leaving an opening. Stuff head, adding extra stuffing to cheeks. Hood Start at front.

Cast on 22 sts with CC yarn and straight needles. Or, work one more wrong side row, then bind off, and sew back seam of hood.

Add a couple lengths of yarn or ribbon to front corners for ties.

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If you like, add a pom-pom or bell to the hood point. Beret Cast on 18 sts with CC yarn and dpns. Join in the round. Ears make 2 Ears must be knit flat. Cast on 3 sts with pink yarn. Finishing If you're not using safety eyes, sew on button eyes, or embroider them with black yarn.

Embroider a nose with pink yarn. Sew bound-off edge of ears to head or hat. Sew head to bound-off edge of body. Sew hat onto head add a bit of stuffing to the hat if you like.

For the tail, make a braid or a length of I-cord from pink yarn. If you're hanging the mouse on a tree, add a loop of yarn to the top of the head.

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If the mouse will be a toy, you may want to sew down the sides of the bobble feet.Rob Hubbard - Writers of the Future Contest Write a science fiction story of 17, words or less for your chance to be judged by the hottest science fiction authors and to win an award and cash prizes worth up to $5, Creative educator Kim Haynes shares some imaginative holiday and winter classroom activities that will be sure to spread the holiday spirit amongst your students.

From the youngest age Louisiana native Lauren Daigle had the opportunity to immerse herself in a passion for music. “My mom called our house ‘The Music Box,’ because any time I was awake I would be singing,” she shares, “I never noticed it.

This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter contests and ended up winning on average 4 contests per day, every day, for about 9 months straight.

25 Canadian Tanka Poets in French and English. Introduction by Aurora Antonovic. Tanka was introduced to Canada by Japanese-born poets, such as Takeo . Songwriting competitions provide networking opportunities and inspiration for your work.

Here's a list of great competitions to further your songwriting career. AMERICAN SONGWRITER MAGAZINE'S LYRIC WRITING CONTEST. For 30 years, the American Songwriter Lyric Contest has helped thousands of songwriters become involved in our .

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