The importance of science and chemistry

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The importance of science and chemistry

Science In Everyday Life And Its Importance The Science In Everyday Life And Its Importance The continued efforts and the struggle for expanding the horizons of systematic knowledge created a need for describing and understanding the nature and the events associated with it.

This need led to the birth of what is known today as science. And today science has become an important subject. Besides, events like cooking, boiling of water, burning of candle, curdling of milk, electricity, motorized vehicles, cell phones etc.

From the above examples we can sense the broadness and importance of science in everyday life. In order to make the study convenient, it was further divided into subgroups such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology etc.

Aquarium Chemistry | Calcium & KH & GH & pH & Electrolytes (ions)

Our subject of concern is chemistry. Chemistry is the branch of science that is concerned with changes and transformations with respect to matter and the factors that affect these transformations.

It deals with the interactions between the fundamental components of matter. The chemical transformations in chemistry are often referred to as chemical reactions. We cannot deny the fact that our world is full of products that are some way or the other associated with chemical reactions.

Some of them even occur as a result of natural processes and the others are commercially manufactured chemically. Science in everyday life is not just limited to cooking or boiling water; the huge industrial setups that manufacture a variety of commodities using different chemical reactions are also a part of our daily life.

The science behind aspirin Solution Chemistry Photo by: Important industrial processes often utilize solution chemistry.

From the use of fertilizers in farming to the skin cream that we use confirm the omnipresence and applications of science in everyday life. Chemistry in particular plays a pivotal role as a subunit of science.

It can explain the functioning of brain and even predict the weather patterns. Meanwhile, chemical engineers have used the laws and principles of chemistry to design processes for scaling of chemical reactions for commercial purposes.

The production of fertilizers, superconducting ceramics, petroleum products, solvents, polymers, soaps, detergents, etc, are based on the chemistry of atoms and molecules.

As such uses of chemistry in daily life and its importance is a crucial factor that improves human life at every level.

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Further, as we keep progressing, the addition of new dimensions to our knowledge of chemistry will guide us in producing new devices and chemicals that will be even more efficient than the present ones. Practise This Question A pure solid is obtained from its solution by the process of condensation.

State true or false.Chemistry led to the discovery of chlorofluorocarbons (CUFF). Chemist further investigated and found that CUFF is the main cause for the depletion of the ozone layer. Biology is the natural science that studies the no-spontaneous transfer of energy and the quasi-stable systems that experience it.

The overriding importance of disulphide bonds can be demonstrated by the addition of reducing agents weakening dough and of thiol-blocking or oxidizing agents strengthening dough (Wieser, ).During the whole process of breadmaking, the state of large glutenin polymers is characterized by three competitive redox reactions: (1) the oxidation of free SH groups which support polymerization; (2.


Cleaning: Part of the importance of chemistry is it explains how cleaning works. You use chemistry to help decide what cleaner is best for dishes, laundry, yourself, and your home. You use chemistry to help decide what cleaner is .

The importance of science and chemistry

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The importance of science and chemistry

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