Requirements and constructors for tailoring software processes a systematic literature review

The process of assigning people to jobs or roles is of unquestionable importance also in software organisations.

Requirements and constructors for tailoring software processes a systematic literature review

Typing and Subtyping of Metamodels Authors: In model-driven engineering, models are considered first-class entities. Model-driven engineering has been around for over a decade.

Requirements and constructors for tailoring software processes a systematic literature review

Still, there has not been much work on how to type models or metamodels, which is important to realise true model-driven software development.

In this paper, we discuss how a metamodel can be typed by means of an enclosing class whose state can be utilised by tools such as editors and interpreters. This allows using established object-oriented mechanisms on the metamodel level and supports specialisation of metamodels. Developing and evolving critical information systems in order to cope with changes in regulations and laws is a constant worry for governments in the e-Government era.

Due to the frequent challenges and some previous frustrating experiences, the Brazilian Government has searched for an alternative development method that could better fit its needs.

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A successful partnership between both started inwhich gave birth to a complete MDA development environment that would later be known as MDArte. During the development of such real life projects a lot of critical organizational aspects raised.

The main contribution of this paper is to reveal and motivate the discussion on such organizational aspects that must be faced when deciding to adopt an MDA approach. In order to contextualize our perceptions, we present the MDArte experience, including its origin, evolution and current state.

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The major challenging and complex systems that have been developed with MDArte are presented as success cases along with an analysis of the benefits of using a Model Driven Development MDD approach.Tomás Martínez-Ruiz, Jürgen Münch, Félix García, Mario Piattini, Requirements and constructors for tailoring software processes: a systematic literature review, Software Quality Control, v n.1, p, March John Januszczak (Meta Software Corporation) and Geoff Hook (Lanner Group Limited) Abstract Abstract Simulation is considered a key component for business process management suites.

Part II The Processes of Human Resources Management 4.

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5. This is partly a result of the growing body of literature and information sources in personnel management and partly a reluctance to leave out many of our favorite ‘‘historical’’ sources used in previous editions. Written into the act were requirements for open. Big balls of mud are messy but systematic refactoring can help.

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An Empirical Validation of Object-Oriented Metrics in Two Different Iterative Software Processes IEEE Trans Software Engineering V29n11(Nov )pp Uncovering interactions between parallel requirements+designs by intensive review and inspection + management focus.

software development models and processes and their component parts, software Despite our rapid progress, the software industry is considered by many to.

These new services included: systematic review support as a priority service, publishing support with customized reporting, mediated literature searching, current awareness services, and research impact analysis and reporting.

Requirements and constructors for tailoring software processes a systematic literature review
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