Negative effects of fast food consumption essay

Grain-based desserts and pizza as well as soda, sports drinks and energy drinks make up the top sources of calories for kids age 2 to 18, according to the publication "Dietary Guidelines for Americans, A diet laden with junk food not only affects weight but other facets of a child's life, too.

Negative effects of fast food consumption essay

Hamburger and french fries from a fast food restaurant. With the high-calorie meals come more fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar -- and therefore fewer vitamins, minerals and other nutrients -- than in healthier foods.

The health problems that stem from overweight and obesity alone can severely limit lifestyles and shorten life spans. Video of the Day Atherosclerosis Fast foods contain high amounts of cholesterol and salt, two nutrients that contribute to cardiovascular health problems.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report a direct link between sodium intake and negative effects on blood pressure, and note that Americans consume most of their sodium in processed and restaurant foods.

Negative effects of fast food consumption essay

For instance, the USDA lists the sodium content of a biscuit, egg and sausage breakfast sandwich at 1, milligrams and cholesterol at milligrams. As with eating too many salty foods, getting too much cholesterol can cause plaque build-up in the arteries, or atherosclerosis.

This condition can lead to stroke, heart attack and death. A healthy diet that includes more whole grains, fruits and vegetables can help you avoid the health problems associated with atherosclerosis.

Diabetes Many drive-through foods and drinks have high sugar content, including chocolate shakes, 62 grams of sugar, and colas, 44 grams, in oz. Fast food coleslaw, French toast sticks and even cheeseburgers contain significant amounts of sugar.

Regularly consuming too much sugar can have permanent negative effects on your blood sugar levels. Diabetes requires daily medication to treat blood sugar imbalances. Serious complications include glaucoma, hearing loss, kidney disease, high blood pressure, nerve damage and stroke.

To reduce your risk for diabetes, the American Heart Association AHA suggests ordering beverages such as water, reduced-fat milk or diet soft drinks.

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Obesity Fast foods are loaded with fat and calories. Ordering without restraint will have negative effects on your weight as you routinely take in more calories than you can expend. Hamburgers with multiple beef patties, cheese, bacon and mayonnaise may exceed the 65 milligrams fat limit recommended by the USDA for the whole day.

The Office of the Surgeon General reports that obesity increases the risk for potentially fatal heart disease, diabetes and some cancers, as well as sleep apnea and asthma.

Health problems such as arthritis and pregnancy complications are also more likely in obese individuals. The AHA advises maintaining a healthy weight by avoiding deep-fried and jumbo-portion dishes.The results indicate that advertising has divergent effects on children’s food knowledge and preferences and that food knowledge is unrelated to food preferences.

that cumulative exposure to television food advertising—which is higher in lower SES groups—is linked to adult fast-food consumption validity of field methods on body.

A diet high in fast food in those age 4 to 19 increases the risk for obesity, according to researchers who published a study in in “Pediatrics.” They found that children who ate fast food consumed more calories, more fat, more carbohydrates, more added sugars and more sugar-sweetened beverages than those who did not.

Negative Effects of Fast Food Essay Aug 14, Essay on effect of fast food on health. of fast effects food Essay your health on on PfuckinS Bush got re elected for bein anti gay in Ohioans eyes and Trump got elected cuz How Fast Food Affects You Negatively. Most of this bacteria is found in the food you eat from your local fast food joint.

Eating at one of these places can cost thousands of dollars in hospital bills, all because of a diseased burger. With an estimate of million Americans working in fast food restaurants in the U.S., labor practices need to be tackled head on to ensure the survival and effective growth of the “fast food nation”.

In , Wilson reviewed the scientific research research paper on fast food on binge eating and found the. Daily definition essay for music fast food consumption during pregnancy places next THREE generations at risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease 6/25/ - A daily diet of fast food.


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