Meaning and explanation by robert w bagley

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Meaning and explanation by robert w bagley

Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: No other interpretation—and there are others—is even acknowledged pp. In the end, it is hard to know whom this book is for. Since this is a summary ofwork done by others, specialists will not find it useful.

For students, eighty dollars a pop seems considerably excessive. As for general readers, I suspect they will become bogged down in the details. Knopf; distributed by Random House, One cannot help but feel that this book, for all the prodigious amount of serious effort that went into it, was published largely because Tibet is "hot.

Tom Grunfeld is a professor ofhistory specializing in the modern history ofEast Asia. Monumentality in Early ChineseArtandArchitecture.

Meaning and explanation by robert w bagley

Stanford University Press, Less than two decades ago, in his overview ofWestern studies of Chinese bronzes, Wen Fong noted that after the methodological debates of the late s, "most younger scholars ofChinese art seem to have. TheIdeology of 36 China Review International: For all its new insights, however, this book was nevertheless remarkably traditional in its basic approach of using texts to expound the meaning ofimages and to reconstruct the significance of a given monument—an iconology at its best.

In his more recent Monumentality in Early Chinese Art and Architecture,1 Wu Hung has presented us with an entirely different volume—much less orthodox and much more ambitious—which I have found very stimulating and challengingbut also irritating and in many ways provisional and unconvincing.

Consisting of five self-contained essays, heterogeneous in the topic, organization, and method employed, and together spanning a time frame from the Neolithic period to the Northern and Southern Dynasties, this book strikes one by its combination of interpretative ambitions and the sheer scope ofmaterial and issues treated.

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Monumentality opens with an introductory chapter "The Nine Tripods and Traditional Chinese Concepts of Monumentality," in which the author defines his book as an examination of concepts of monumentality and the forms of monuments in the specific context of ancient China.

Consequendyhe proposes to support the identification ofvarious forms of ancient Chinese monuments and their historical relationship by a discussion of different conceptions of monumentality the features thatMonumentality in Early Chinese Art and Architecture (review) et al.], catalogue by Robert W.

Bagley, Jenny F. persuasively attempted to explain the meaning of Shang theriomorphic designs. Twitter; The Portico digital preservation service is part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization helping the academic community use digital technologies to preserve.

* Meaning and Explanation, Robert Bagley * Liangzhu Culture and the Shang Dynasty "Taotie" Motif, Li Xueqin * Late Shang Bronze Design: Meaning and Purpose, Jessi Book consists of papers presented at the 15th Percival David Foundation Colloquy on the Art and Archaeology of Asia in /5(1).

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