Lacrosse experience essay

Hosted each year in conjunction with Black History Month and viewed as an opportunity to celebrate the growing diversity in the sport of lacrosse, we invite your submissions.

Lacrosse experience essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The focus of the investigation by the District Attorney was to convict three of the members of the team with first-degree sexual offense, kidnapping, and the rape of an African American female stripper.

By the end of Lacrosse experience essay paper, the reader will have a better understanding of the series of events that took place in the Duke Lacrosse rape case and how the three white males had everyone against them until their names were cleared of all charges.

Introduction The Duke University lacrosse rape case in impacted the prestigious institution of learning that is known for academics and athletics. This turn of events Lacrosse experience essay a nationally ranked team shocked the community and the nation.

When three Caucasian members of the team Colin Finnerty, Reade Seligmann, and David Evans were charged with rape, kidnapping, and sexual offense on an African American stripper, this became a racially biased case. The district attorney Mike Nifong jumped to conclusions to convict these members of the lacrosse team and some feel that his decision was politically driven since he was in a tight race to be re-elected and need the black vote.

The problem to be investigated is how this affected the integrity of the university, what the prosecutions intentions were, and what was the outcome of this nationally recognized case.

Impact on Stakeholders Duke University is a prestigious institution of higher learning that is highly recognized for its academic standards and rich tradition of athletics.

Lacrosse experience essay

The stakeholders of the university were shocked as these allegations of misconduct by members of its nationally ranked lacrosse team swept media outlets all around the country. University stakeholders from sponsors to the students were impacted by these accusations caused by the hiring of two strippers to perform at a house party by members of the lacrosse team.

Incidents like this can cause supporters to stop donations and ruin the integrity that the university has worked hard to maintain. Just like a corporation, Duke University is a business that provides an environment of higher education and it takes these stakeholders to keep the institution running.

The lacrosse rape case caused attention to anyone involved with the university. This case quickly became a racially driven. The members of the Duke Lacrosse team did not have much support from the faculty as the accusations were the headliners for many major media outlets.

The impact of these allegations by the Duke Lacrosse team was tremendous. Once again the support from the highest level at Duke University was not there for the three members of the lacrosse team at the center of the allegations.

The coach of the team also resigned from his job as the season was canceled. Nifong from the beginning of the investigation seemed to have his mind set on convicting these white males of the allegations they faced from the accuser.

The unethical manner in which Mike Nifong proceeded in the investigation tested the judicial system. The tactics that were used in the case undermined that you are innocent until proven guilty. A Duke was facing a crisis little did the judicial system in North Carolina know that they were about to have their work cut out for them as Mr.

Nifong continued his journey to find these three lacrosse players guilty. The stakeholders of the judicial system are tax payers like me and others in the profession. When incidents like the Duke Lacrosse rape case happen the community can sometimes affect the decisions made by the judicial system and prosecutors Franklin, When you have white Caucasians being accused of raping black women, no matter where the incident takes place, these actions are going have repercussions regardless of the outcome.

This had become a very racial case and many felt that Mr. Nifong was using this case to help him win the black vote which would allow him to be able to run for re-election as the District Attorney of Durham County. The supporters of the players felt that Mr. The stakeholders of all entities involved in the case were affected in some manner.

The other members of the team had to live through this and had a full season of hopes and dreams of winning a national championship taken from them. The integrity of the university was challenged, which lead to decisions of canceling the season and accepting the resignation of the coach.

The support of the Duke community was not there for the defendants as the accuser claimed that she had been a victim of a horrendous crime by these members of the lacrosse team.

As the elections grew closer this case was a prime opportunity for him to attempt to secure the bid for re-election by gaining the black votes as this racial case was perfect timing for the cause.

The use of DNA testing was a huge factor in the case. DNA typing has a broad and positive impact on the criminal justice system Pyrek, Lacrosse Experience Essay Over the years, we have all had our share of experiences.

Some were better than others and some were more significant than others.

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Some had a positive outcome and some had a negative outcome. Hopefully most were positive and, if they were negative, we learned from them. For myself my favorite experience was lacrosse, which had a positive effect on my future. I began playing lacrosse in middle school. Since I was new to the sport I was determined to become a better athlete for the upcoming high school season.

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