I couldn t believe my ears

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I couldn t believe my ears

February 16, by Susan 58 Comments I am earring challenged! The problem has been two-fold: I am forever losing earrings, usually just one. Maybe I should just start wearing all my orphaned earrings together…start a new trend!

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But that gets old having to do that every time, so I tend to get lazy and just not wear earrings at all. I did a bit of searching and found pearl earrings with 14K posts. The first pair I ordered had great reviews and were a great price, but I was disappointed when they arrived.

Instead, they were squatty-looking, kinda like an Advil-shape. They even had a completely flat, square spot right in the top center of each pearl. At that point I started reading a bit more about pearls online. Knowing almost nothing about pearls I had never heard of those, but I decided to shop for them since they sounded more like what I had in mind.

I found some for a much better price than what I was seeing in the online jewelry stores, After reading the reviews, which were very good, I decided to give them a try.

When they arrived, they were really pretty and just what I had wanted. The pearls I purchased are available here: Pearl Earrings with 14K Posts.

I purchased the 7. When wearing them, they also had a very slight tendency to lean downward due to the weight of the pearl. After a bit more research, I purchased these earring backs below and they are perfect!

These backs are available here: I had seen one just like it on eBay many months ago, but it had a small stain inside and was priced almost as high as a brand new one.

Unfortunately, Tiffany no longer had the case in stock. As Christmas neared this year, I saw the case featured on an Instagram account I follow. Unfortunately, it was again sold out, so I called my Sales Associate to see if she saw any in stock in one of their stores.

Hawaii store and had it shipped to my home.

I couldn t believe my ears

It was a nice surprise when I arrived back home sick with what turned out to be Influenza A and bronchitis. If you need a great associate to help with your purchases at Tiffany, ask for Regan in the Atlanta Phipps location. I know Tiffany can be on the expensive side, so I was surprised to see how reasonably priced this travel case was: The workmanship is impeccable, every stitch is perfect and the leather is gorgeous!

Tiffany never disappoints, always exceeds my expectations. I expect to carry this piece on my travels for many, many years and hopefully pass it down to another family member one day.

I placed a few pieces of jewelry in the case so you could get an idea what fits.Sorry I don't have a photo but I built my own speaker cables.

I used Blue Jeans four strand Canares cable (4S11), covered it with tech flex (carbon color) and .

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Before ever messing with German shepherd ears, it needs to be determined if it is possible for the ears to still correct themselves. I give a German shepherd puppy to the age of 7 months before I start to worry about their ears, unless I know that damage has been done.

"Of the seven deadly sins, only envy is no fun at all." Joseph Epstein The outrage aimed at audiophiles is for the most part about envy. en·vy ˈenvē/ noun noun: envy; plural noun: envies 1. a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions, qualities, or luck.

Don't believe it? Follow me. The Costs of Consent.. It Doesn’t Happen Here..

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£m paid out in vaccine damages. The government has paid out £m to patients left disabled by vaccinations since , it has been revealed. I am earring challenged!

Over the last few years I’ve rarely worn earrings, despite really loving them. The problem has been two-fold: 1. Over the years my ears have become super sensitive to earrings that aren’t 14K gold and 2. Nov 13,  · I had just finished up in the office with the desk and the built ins.

The painters had come by in the morning even though I told the GC that I wasn't finished and planned on being there for a little.

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