Fatherless america david blankenhorn thesis

The book opens with Pythagoras, who regarded numbers as divine and founded a religious community to study the mysteries of geometry. Today physics continues to have quasi-religious overtones, as contemporary scientists endow their books with titles such as The God Particle and The Mind of God. As a secondary thesis, Wertheim argues that this religious dimension explains why the scientific community has historically included so few women.

Fatherless america david blankenhorn thesis

Those on the right want to save virtue from the welfare state, while those on the left want to protect the welfare state from the rhetoric of virtue. Morone suggests two ways in which morality and politics can mix. The first, the virtue approach, is directed toward groups and individuals, and is characterized by a politics of blame.

The virtue approach divides citizens against one another, and thus undermines the social cohesion necessary for universal social provision. The second form of moral politics, which Morone advocates, is firmly universalist, oriented toward social conditions rather than individual attributes.

This form of moral politics, which we might call social equity Fatherless america david blankenhorn thesis, "rouse[s] Americans to expand rights, overcome biases, attack inequity.

When liberals call for universal programs, they are tapping into precisely such a political construct. Not a difficult choice. Morone's often overheated rhetoric and inaccurate historical comparisons obscure the attractions that the idea of virtue holds for liberals.

Morone's genealogical approach to the politics of virtue is not uncommon in fashionable academic discourse. Pick an argument you disagree with, demonstrate its unseemly pedigree, and then dismiss it on the basis of its tainted origins.

In Morone's case, the argument looks like this.

Fatherless america david blankenhorn thesis

Conservatives complain that America is becoming more secular, that it is losing its virtue, and that divine retribution is coming.

The same argument led to racist immigration rules. The conservative argument is invalidated.

Jan 26,  · David Blankenhorn, the founder of the Institute for American Values in New York, delivered a long and carefully-worded thesis about the role and origins of marriage that drew heavily from the field of anthropology. Blankenhorn has done an excellent job explaining the social effects of fatherlessness. The book is so informative and well written that I am citing it extensively in my masters thesis. Dissertation ethical considerations pdf essay about mexico culture food k essays online essay henry david thoreau solitude about, two views of a river mark twain essay on james super size me review essays kim harrison author biography essay gessayova materska skola, historiographical review essay on a movie mosaic painting of a village scene.

This is deconstruction on the cheap; it is repugnant because it avoids a deep confrontation with the argument, because it ignores what might be learned even from those one disagrees with, and because it is a rhetorical form that can be used against liberals as easily as against conservatives.

The modern welfare state, for example, originated in nineteenth-century Germany, largely as a mechanism for protecting the power of an autocratic government. Is the welfare state illegitimate as a result?

Many in the early birth control movement wanted wider access to contraceptives to keep down the birth rates of newly arrived immigrants, whom they considered uncivilized. Should this stop liberals from advocating the widest possible access to contraception? Morone's overly sweeping indictment of all concern for individual character leads him to ignore the possibility that there is another, less extreme way to talk about virtue.

This approach, far from serving as a bludgeon against the welfare state, may be the best foundation for its political and substantive renewal. This approach assumes that, like all regimes, a liberal democratic, welfare capitalist society requires citizens of a particular type.

They must have certain capacities, disciplines, and habits that allow them to contribute to and benefit from the regime's institutions and way of life. Together, these capacities, disciplines, and habits comprise a plausible definition of "virtue.

The ability to perform these basic obligations of citizenship, upon which all decent society rests, is not automatic.For example, due to their enthusiasm for sessions concerning the history and cultures of Latin America, particularly Central America, these were expanded beyond their original scope.

Fatherless america david blankenhorn thesis

Through the workshops the second construction of ethnic identity, LatinoAmericano, emerged. ENG / Common Assignment: Summary-and-Response Essay. Assignment Objectives: This assignment provides students the opportunity to demonstrate all of the skills emphasized in the course (as represented by the five Student Learning Outcomes): asserting and developing a thesis, accurately interpreting and appropriately addressing a specific rhetorical situation, effectively integrating.

Jan 26,  · David Blankenhorn, the founder of the Institute for American Values in New York, delivered a long and carefully-worded thesis about the role and origins of marriage that drew heavily from the field of anthropology. Policy experts are finally persuaded (through earlier books such as David Blankenhorn’s Fatherless in America) that our most intractable social pathologies follow on the heels of fatherlessness.

What we need now is a historical grasp of the reasons for the male flight from family. David Blankenhorn (). Fatherless America: Confronting our Most Urgent Social Problem.. New York, NY: Basic Books, pp.

Summary. Blankenhorn calls fatherlessness America’s fundamental problem-more precisely and profoundly-our culture’s loss of an understanding of good fatherhood (p.3). Popenoe follows in the footsteps of David Blankenhorne's Fatherless America (LJ 1/95) with this second major study of American fatherhood.

The author, a professor of sociology at Rutgers University, is also cochair of the Council on Families in America.

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