An analysis of french king louis xivs central system of government

He or she made the laws, executed the laws, and judged those who violated the laws. It was a form of dictatorship or tyranny combined with the Medieval trappings of monarchy. Its justification was the theory of the Divine Right of Kings.

An analysis of french king louis xivs central system of government

Nation Jun 27, 4: Have you balanced your check book this month? But that most basic form of accounting is also easy. Louis XIV, for example, stopped carrying golden notebooks of his expenditures and revenues, and his nation plunged into the red under the weight of multiple wars and opulent palaces.

For a modern example of the importance of accounting, look no further than the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Simply put, accounting has made the difference between when societies and institutions rise and fall.

Financial Accountability and the Rise and Fall of Nations. Soll shows that financial accounting is intrinsically linked to political accountability.

The very culture of accounting, he writes, brought about capitalism and representative government. In other words, the culture of accounting still breaks down. That humans, over hundreds of centuries, continue not to recognize how fragile this basic, but very important accounting can be, suggests that Soll will have a lot more to write about in the future.

Colbert commissioned miniature golden calligraphy account books for the Sun King to carry in his coat pockets. Twice a year, starting inLouis XIV would receive these new accounts of his expenditures, his revenues and his assets. It was the first time a monarch of his stature had taken such an interest in accounting.

Here, then, it seemed, was a starting point of modern politics and accountability: I was at least as startled to learn next just how short-lived this experiment was.

For as soon as Colbert died, inLouis — consistently in the red due to his predilection for costly wars and palaces like Versailles — discontinued the account books. Rather than tools of administrative success, Louis came to see his account books as illustrations of his failings as a king.

He had created a system of accounting and accountability, and now he began breaking up the central administration of his kingdom. If good accounting meant facing the truth when the news was bad, Louis, it seemed, now preferred ignorance.

No longer would a functioning state interfere with his personal will. On his deathbed inLouis admitted that he had in effect bankrupted France with his spending. That very week in September, a startling parallel was unfolding in the collapse of Lehman Brothers Bank.

A monument of American and world capitalism, Lehman was suddenly exposed now as little more than a mirage. Just as Louis had held onto his power through snuffing out good accounting in his government, so U. A financial system, which had been deemed healthy by accountants and regulators alike, now revealed itself as dysfunctional by design.

Lehman Brothers suffered from a lack of appropriate accounting, says Soll. Photo by Flickr user Scott Cawley. If Louis preferred not to know, so, too, it seemed, Wall Street and its regulators had chosen to overlook the rot threatening the entire financial system.

The chairman of the New York Federal Reserve, Timothy Geithner, was supposed to have at least an expert knowledge of the financial markets, and yet he appeared not to know, or know fully, what was going on just blocks from his office.In this lesson, we explore Louis XIV's long reign in France, his style of personal rule, his vanity, and the wars he fought to expand French territory and influence in Europe.

Louis XIV used medals to publicize the achievements of his government and of the institutions he founded. The war also produced the Campagnes de Louis XIV which contains maps of the operations and movements of French troops.

Louis is illustrated here at the beginning of the volume dressed as a Roman emperor. This portrait of King Louis. Question: How did Louis XIV change the French government?

Sun King: Perhaps the most famous figure in all of French history, Louis XIV, also known as the Sun King, ruled from to French Revolution Review. STUDY. PLAY. Absolutism. A political system in which a ruler holds total power.

An analysis of french king louis xivs central system of government

conservatives and radicals. In order to stay in power they had to rely on the military. But soon Napoleon overthrow the government and seized total power. Jacobins. How did the French Women force King Louis to leave Versailles? For example, whereas the French army was often commanded by the most senior noble in the camp, Louis changed this to a more meritocratic system and one in which the king himself could command.

In Embezzlement and High Treason in Louis XIV’s France, Vincent Pitts tells the story of the trial of one of Louis XIV’s finance ministers, Nicolas Fouquet, for abuse of his public office.

In so doing he elucidates how private and public interests coexisted in seventeenth century France.